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The value of independence

Hasina joined Aashiyana Cooperative in 1993 and worked her way up to become Manager in 2010. She discovered that not only did she enjoy doing embroidery, but she also appreciated the social programs so much that she started to volunteer to lead some. These activities increased her self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

"My experience with MarketPlace taught me the importance of being independent and being able to earn a living." Her husband was a taxi driver who did not make much to support Hasina and their three daughters and one son. It was Hasina's heartfelt goal to make sure that all her children got good educations and could earn their own way.

When her husband became ill and eventually died, Hasina took on full responsibility to achieve her dream. All three daughters graduated from school and got good jobs. Her son took his 12th Standard exams and medical entrance exam the same year. Preparing for both tests simultaneously was difficult enough, but Faisal also was dealing with his father's illness, death and funeral rites. He is now on his way to becoming a dentist. Working hard and becoming independent seems to be a family trait.

Our Mission

When you purchase and enjoy a MarketPlace product, you become an integral part of an innovative program of social change. Successfully running their own businesses gives the artisans in India the opportunity to forge a new, better future for themselves, their families and even their communities. They are proud to offer you a collection of unique yet versatile products characterized by beautiful traditional hand-dyed fabrics and hand embroidery.

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