Ashiana Skirt - Lapis/Multi

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Fair Trade, Made by Ekta Cooperative
Three-tiered cotton long skirt will make you want to twirl! Rich blue batik block print, with an embroidered contrast hem. Elastic waist with drawstring to adjust to your preferred fit.

• Relaxed Fit/Full Skirt
• Length: M 37"
• Ankle-length skirt
• Elastic waist with drawstring
• Side pockets
• Batik Block Print on 100% cotton

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Model is 5'10" and is wearing a size Small

Color - Grey CheckColor - Black Natural Stripe

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Batik Block Printing

The ancient art of Indian block printing includes distinctive regional styles. In all cases it is a labor–intensive, exacting craft. Teak wood blocks are hand carved with a variety of motifs and there is a wooden handle for the artisan to hold while stamping the cloth. The design can be dipped in dye and stamped directly. However, for Batik block printing the design is stamped with a wax resist which will block the dye when the fabric is dipped in dye. Multiple stampings and dyeing can produce complex patterns and colors. The wax is removed by melting it in very hot water, and the melted wax can be reused. Skilled artisans can combine different techniques to create uniquely beautiful fabrics.

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