Heart Necklace - Blue

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Fair Trade, Made by Ranphul Co-operative
Wear your heart on a string! Handcrafted from chindis, this soft heart-and-bead pendant necklace has a 22" cord with accent tassels. Each one is unique.

• Total length: M 26"
• 100% cotton chindi

$22.00 $15.00
Our Mission Promo Image

Mehak Parmar Interviews Her Grandmother Sitaben Parmar

During the summer of 2021, the children of the artisans were asked talk to their grandparent to learn how things had changed. “My grandmother mentioned that in their time less importance was given to education, especially for girls. The best thing I found is that she really likes spending time with me and taking care of me. I am very close to my grandmother but I didn't know that she also really liked spending time with me.”

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