Scarf - Port

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Made by Ekta Co-operative
Wrap yourself in soft, cozy color. Textured cotton scarf with tonal handprint. Hand-stitched rolled edges with chindi accent tassels.

• 20" x 72"
• Scarf with tassels
• Block Print on 100% cotton

Color - winter skyColor - CelestialColor - AmbrosiaColor - PumpkinColor - Houseplant

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During the summer of 2021, the children of the artisans were asked talk to their grandparent to learn how things had changed. “There were very limited resources when my grandmother was growing up. Both she and my grandfather would have to sometimes walk miles to buy particular items. You didn't get everything everywhere. But she shared that even though resources were limited, they were happy and life was simple. My grandmother always encourages me to understand importance of education and teaches me the difference between what is right and wrong.”

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5 star rating
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Port Scarf
Dec 26, 2022  |  By Deborah Anne Oney
I wore this lovely scarf all through the Christmas season; it was not only beautiful but also warm in our colder than cold temperatures! There is nothing more elegant than a handsome scarf . Thank you!

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