Amla Sundress - Natural/Multi

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Code # 64H-49

Fair Trade, Made by Nirmaan Collective
A camisole sundress in a bright floral handprint, to be worn alone or as a jumper. Back elastic, back ties and adjustable straps give you the perfect fit. A hint of linen is woven into the cotton to give a crisp look. Hand embroidery accents the neckline.

• Relaxed fit
• Length: M 51"
• Long camisole dress
• Adjustable back ties and shoulder straps
• Front pocket
• Block Print on 90% cotton, 10% linen

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Pavithra Vishvakarma: Tailor, Nirmaan Collective

Pavithra Vishvakarma joined Nirmaan Collective 2 years ago because she had to support her family. She was glad to be able to earn the needed income. She was also surprised with the personal support she found with the group. She had loved arts and crafts when she was a young woman, but the expectations and responsibilities of marriage and family had overwhelmed her personal enthusiasms. At the collective she found kindred spirits, women actually talking about liking to do drawing or other crafts! The group also organizes competitions, exhibits and many creative activities. For a show on handmade eco–friendly bracelets, Pavitra won first prize. “Not only do I get to be creative, I am also given recognition for it.”

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Customer Reviews

5 star rating
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Jul 10, 2024  |  By SweetKitty
As instructed, I hand washed this with vinegar and let dry at room temp. I then washed it on delicate cycle with other items. Ran it through the dryer on med. temp. (no shrinkage!) and gave it a quick iron through the bodice. Shoulder straps were easily adjustable, and the run through the washing machine and dryer softened up the linen to a slightly softer hand-feel. I am just 5'2" til so it is ankle length on me (I bought a small). Very comfy and cool and is definitely a suitcase item for upcoming trips to Europe.

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Super Comfortable!
May 3, 2024  |  By Kathleen
This is a great dress! I live in a hot and humid location. This dress allows me to stay cool and comfortable. I did alter it by cutting off some of the length as I'm only 5' 4 and a short length works better for me. Easy care also.

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Amla Sundress
Jul 17, 2023  |  By carlotta
This is an excellent sundress - beautiful fabric and always, like all of your work, so very well made. Sadly, it didn't fit me well and I had to return it, so very sorry. Fortunately, you are developing a marvelous catalog of designs to choose from. Many thanks for all you do, may you always walk with beauty all around you, carlotta

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