The Armaan Club for children was developed in collaboration with the artisans, who want their sons and daughters to succeed in school and in life. There are currently 162 members ranging from elementary to high school. The Club not only provides academic support for these students, but it also rounds out their educational experience with a variety of extracurricular classes and activities.

The schools' grading systems are rigorous, so the Armaan Club provides extra help in the form of tutoring and mentoring. The social worker meets with each child and his or her mother 4 times a year to evaluate progress and review goals. Motivational classes and career guidance also help these young people succeed.

A new program called The Theater Project was started for the children. Through games and diverse activities, the young men and women are learning to communicate and gaining confidence. They are writing scripts on assigned topics, developing their critical thinking. They work through how to best present their creations and learn to work as a team - and resolve conflicts. While the exercises are fun, these are important lessons which will serve them well in the future.

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