Mansi Dress - Black

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Code # 68H-41

Fair Trade, Made by Ghar Udyog Collective
Handprinted A-line knit dress with an asymmetrical seam is ready to wear two ways. The extra-long slash pockets on the front seams are great as pockets -- or they pull out to become optional front ties! Hand embroidery accents the bodice.

• Relaxed Fit/A-line
• Length: M 40"
• Scoop neck
• Short sleeves
• Front pockets that convert to ties
• Batik Block Print on 100% cotton jersey

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Model is 5'9" and is wearing a size Small

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Tasleem Alauddin Shaikh: Embroidery Artisan, Ghar Udyog Collective

Tasleem Alauddin Shaikh had doubts. “When I first joined Ghar Udyog Collective I was told that I would have to attend meetings. I was not very happy about that. I just wanted to earn money.” These meetings are organized with the groups to supplement the artisans' work experience and increase their self–confidence. Tasleem discovered that many of the programs were indeed helpful to her. Married at 16 with no experience of bringing up children, she had struggled on her own. As a member of the group she was able to participate in sessions with therapists, social workers, and other discussion groups have helped her with anger management, improved her relationship with her children, taught her about conflict resolution, and informed her of cost–free programs for her children. Now she says, “I think access to knowledge is the most important thing in life.”

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4 star rating
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Good fabric, nice fit, odd pockets
May 26, 2024  |  By MMarcotteArtistWriter
This is a nice dress with odd pockets. The very long, narrow pockets hang almost a foot down the inside front princess seam. They are reversible and designed to also be utilized as a front tie, where they work well and add to the design and can make the dress fit tighter at the waist if needed. But with the pockets inside, the do add considerable and likely visible bulk to the front tummy portion of the dress. If I was the designer, I would remove the pockets entirely and sew up the front princess seam, or just make usual size pockets. However, I like the pockets tied in the front and will wear it that way. A good summer dress and/or summer work dress.

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