Pranay Shirt - Natural/Mediterranean blue

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Code # 66C-82

Fair Trade, Made by Shramik Co-operative
Easy shirt in cotton woven with a hint of linen. The vintage block print in blue and green florals has textural hand embroidery highlights. Generously cut - consider sizing down for a less oversized look.

• Loose Fit/Straight - Runs large, consider sizing down
• Length: M 28"
• Band collar shirt with button closure
• Cap sleeves
• Chest pockets
• Block Print on 90% cotton, 10% linen

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Model is 5'8½" and is wearing a size Small, 2nd Model is 5'8½" and is wearing a size 2W

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  • $88.00
  • $88.00
  • $88.00
  • $88.00
  • WOMEN'S 1W
  • $92.00
  • WOMEN'S 2W
  • $92.00
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Sunita Gorad: Tailor, SMM Cooperative

Sunita Gorad was only looking for a job, but she also found her voice. She joined SMM Cooperative to earn money to pay for her children's schooling. She describes how her home life was at that time, living with multiple relatives in a joint family. “There were always comparisons and disagreements,” she shares. “I was never the one to speak loudly or express my opinions.” Her experiences at her artisan group, however, changed things. The other artisans encouraged her to participate in meetings. “No one made fun of me or left me out because I talked softly.” Gradually she gained the confidence to express her thoughts and opinions, not only with the other artisans but also at home.

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