Meet Sabarmati Prajapati

November 04, 2021
Meet Sabarmati Prajapati

"This is not just gold jewelry for me but also a dream come true."

Sabarmati Prajapati - WARE COLLECTIVE SINCE 2008

Even though she had been married for thirty-eight years, Sabarmati Prajapati always wanted a mangalsutra. The necklace, worn by Hindu married women, is made of 108 gold and black beads with a central gold plate, and it signifies goodwill and love. Sabarmati had seen her mother, relatives and other artisans wearing one. Her husband doesn't support her financially and for her, the necklace is less about signifying her marital status and more about fulfilling a promise to herself.

Sabarmati used the money she earned from her artisan work to take good care of her family's needs. But she also put a little bit away over the years, keeping alive her dream of owning a mangalsutra.

Finally, this year, Sabarmati bought the mangalsutra and wore it for the first time on Women's Day. She proudly shared it with the other women. "My daughters were very happy when I bought it. They were not around so I went with a friend. This is not just gold jewelry for me but also a dream come true."

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