Behind The Garment: Parineet Shirt Dress

June 7th, 2024
Behind The Garment: Parineet Shirt Dress

Every piece of MarketPlace clothing is crafted with great care. From the first step (fabric printing/dyeing) to the last (ironing the finished product) every effort is made to produce an exceptional product. The hand-printed and dyed designs and the hand embroidered accents reflect the immense effort poured into every piece's creation.

Hand Block Printed fabric, 100% cotton with wooden hand carved blocks. (Carved Wooden Bocks)

The techniques used to dye come from generations of knowledge and historical skills, making our fabrics marvels of tradition and beauty. From hand block printing to batik, ikat and tie-dye, every method tells a story of craftsmanship. Picture this: wooden blocks meticulously carved with intricate designs, pressed onto the fabric with precision. Some designs are applied directly with dyes, while others involve the use of wax to create interesting reverse prints. Sometimes the process is repeated 2-3 times.

Hand block printed red fabric in a lightbox. (Fabric in a lightbox)

But the journey doesn't stop there. When the fabric arrives at the cooperatives, every yard is inspected for imperfections, and color is checked in a lightbox. Only after approval by the MarketPlace Mumbai team do the cooperatives commence their work, diligently crafting each garment.

Handmade fabric being cut into garment pieces, for a women's 100% cotton dress.

Production samples in each size are made, ensuring prints align perfectly and embroidery is placed just right, proportionally increasing with the size. Then comes the cutting, where layers of fabric are carefully laid out with paper patterns strategically placed to conserve material. Each piece is then carefully cut, bundled, and passed to the seamstress.

Women artisan sewing a Parineet Shirt Dress.

In factories it is standard for each tailor to repeat one task over and over. One employee, for example, may sew only sleeves all day long. We don't work like that. Here, each seamstress takes pride in completing an entire garment. And at the end of the day, quality checks ensure that every garment meets our exacting standards.

Women artisan hand embroidering a Parineet Shirt Dress.

Embroidery artisans work from home, picking up and delivering finished work each day. Once completed, the embroidery is checked, and the garments are ironed and carefully packed.

Two weeks before shipment, all products are gathered for a final quality check. Any mistakes are rectified. The cooperatives aim at making certain that 97% of their work passes inspection on the first try.

Artisan women packing handmade production garments to ship to the USA.

Packing is a meticulous process, ensuring accuracy for customs and financial purposes. Each box is carefully labeled and protected, ready to embark on its journey to the US by air or sea.

It's a labor of love, from start to finish. Each garment tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication.

100% Cotton Parineet Shirt Dress available in women's plus sizes.


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