Creating Opportunities to Renew

March 15, 2021
Creating Opportunities to Renew


Empowering women has always been central to everything we do. From the very start, it was built into our DNA to be flexible and change with the times, nurture potential talent and let women choose to take advantage of opportunities.

2020 brought excruciating challenges. But it also clearly revealed the fruits of the last 30 years. Our response was to review our strengths, assess gaps in the organization, and adapt to the new reality. It was a time of renewal and rejuvenation. The women were fearless in embracing new technologies, modified procedures and enhanced responsibilities. This has made us stronger as we continue our mission.

We want to thank you for your words of praise and encouragement in 2020. They lifted our spirits and kept us strong. We are moving ahead with optimism because of your patience, trust and belief in us.

Pushpika Freitas | President

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