Gaining Confidence

May 24th, 2023  | By Pushpika Freitas, President of MarketPlace
Gaining Confidence

The mission of empowering women is in MarketPlace's DNA. Economic empowerment is the beginning of it all, and a variety of initiatives and projects help to ensure that changes are real and improve the quality of life for the artisans and their families.

Our development model is built on a structure of artisan leaders and representatives ensuring that the women stay vitally involved. Leaders are responsible for creating, communicating and organizing meetings and activities. Leadership roles rotate so all women get this experience. Meetings provide a safe place for the women to express themselves and support one another as they learn and gain confidence.

Through this leadership model the women develop strengths to help them succeed at work and at home. The programs bring out talents and qualities they may not have realized they had.

--Pushpika Freitas | President

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