Grace and Gratitude: From the Heart

February 16th, 2022
Grace and Gratitude: From the Heart

This year the artisans and their children decided to incorporate the theme of "Gratitude" into their Christmas and New Year celebrations. The children were encouraged to share messages of appreciation to whomever they liked. It was gratifying that many said a heartfelt "Thank you" to their parents! In addition, some children extended their gratitude to other members of their community. They created some wonderful handmade cards to present to the people they chose.

Lavina and Ganesh

Lavina (from Ekta Cooperative) is famous for her cakes and she bakes one every year for various occasions especially if there is a celebration for the children. She was filled with happiness when Ganesh (son of Radha, Project Head) gifted her a card in front of all group members and thanked her for always making such amazing cakes for them.

Sujal and Shelar

The students of Arpan and Ekta Cooperatives have access to a community hall for their academic and recreational sessions. Every day, the manager/guard, Datta Aarote, is present to open and close the facility and maintain it. Sujal (son of Jayashree) took note of his helping nature and felt he deserved a "Thank you." When the social worker asked the children to choose a person to thank, Sujal made a charming greeting card for the guard. When he received his card, Datta beamed with pleasure and surprise.

Sakshi and Shalini

Sakshi is a 12th std student and is fairly new to Armaan Club. Her mother (Shalini) only joined Nirmaan Collective 6 months ago, but she jumped right in and got involved with all the programs. She was also eager to have her daughter join the program for artisans' children. When asked to express gratitude as part of the holiday celebration, Sakshi thanked her mother for joining Nirmaan so that she could be a part of Armaan Club. Sakshi shared that she was happy to be able to participate in so many programs and activities because it gave her an opportunity to learn so many new things.

Abu and Dr. Irfan

Abu, a 9th std student, made a greeting card with quotations of gratitude and wrote a heartfelt letter for the local doctor Dr. Irfan. Dr. Irfan worked tirelessly all through the pandemic and helped many people of the community in need. He even distributed free medicines to people. Abu mentions all this in his letter and acknowledges the need to come together in this time of need. Abu is the son of Shabnam Sheikh from Aashyana Cooperative.

RMM Children

Divya (Meena Gale) from Ranphul Cooperative initiated the idea of thanking the SHARE staff. The children made greeting card for Suvarna (Program Coordinator for Arman Club) and Rupal (the visiting counsellor) for organizing so many good and fun sessions for them and helping them in their studies. They also thanked Meena, the Armaan Club leader for Ranphul Cooperative for bringing them for the Christmas and New Year party.


Akshita, a student in 7th std, made a greeting card thanking the vegetable vendors in her neighborhood. When asked about her unique choice, she explained that all through the pandemic when many people did not want to go out of their safe homes, these vegetable vendors came every day to their doorstep with fresh vegetables. If these people had gone to their native villages instead, her family and neighbors would have had to go far to buy or do without fresh fruits and vegetables for long periods. Akshita is the daughter of Mamata from Arpan Cooperative.


Shivangi (from Pragati Cooperative) and her daughter Chaitrali, were grateful for the party and all those who organized it! Shivangi said, "I like dancing and so does my daughter but we had never had a place where we could dance together. I am really happy and thankful that a Christmas and New Year celebration was organized in our group by SHARE. We all had so much fun as a group and with our children. I was especially happy to have a long held wish fulfilled as my daughter and I got to dance together for the first time."

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