Meet Kala Darji

June 09, 2020
Meet Kala Darji

"The women artisans are doing so much for their families and communities... I admire their spirit!"

Kala Darji Design Coordinator MarketPlace Mumbai

Kala has been the design coordinator at MarketPlace Mumbai since 2012. Before coming to MarketPlace, she worked in the commercial apparel industry, and she appreciates how different things are at MarketPlace. "I am constantly reminded that the women artisans are doing so much for their families and communities when they have so little. I admire their spirit."

"As a merchandizer I am fascinated by how we combine different hand techniques to get such intriguing effects and looks. Every season the fabrics are unique. And then there is the Chindi collection. Using the scraps from garment production is challenging but we find creative ways to produce new looks. This is what I really love about my job: there is always something new."

Kala is so dedicated that when she married a few years ago she made sure that her wedding did not conflict with the design workshops! Traditionally the marriage time is determined by astrology, but Kala worked it out. Now she has a 9-month old daughter, and like many of the artisans, is devoted to her work and family.

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