Meet Sangeeta Jadhav

May 04, 2021
Meet Sangeeta Jadhav

"MarketPlace has also changed the way I think about myself and the role of women."

Sangeeta Jadhav - ARPAN CO-OPERATIVE

Sangeeta's 21 years at Arpan Co-operative tell a story of personal and professional development despite opposition. She began as an embroidery artisan and then developed an interest in learning to sew garments. Last year she was appointed the main cutter for Arpan and Ekta Co-operatives, having added yet another skill to her repertoire.

"If garments are not cut out, they cannot be sewn or embroidered," she explains. To meet the deadline, the schedule must have flexibility in case the fabric is delayed. She also has to approve production sample garments: "If the sample is wrong the entire production can be rejected."

While her aptitude was obvious, Sangeeta still had to overcome obstacles. Her husband was not supportive, and the cooperative had internal power struggles. But Sangeeta was ready to take on the challenges. Production manager Bhakti helped to train her in time management and record-keeping. "She helped me open a Gmail account and I have mastered Google Meet for conference calls."

"MarketPlace has also changed the way I think about myself and the role of women. The sessions on domestic abuse helped me stand up for myself. I also learned about my rights, conflict resolution and health." Sangeeta takes pride in her accomplishments and has earned the respect of her peers and community.

Sangeeta Jadhav

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