Meet Sanju Maurya

January 01, 2020
Meet Sanju Maurya

"The whole group depends on me."

Sanju Maurya Embroidery Artisan and Supervisor at Arpan Co-Operative.

The women of Arpan Co-operative in Thane are an opinionated group. Founded in 1991, the cooperative's success has been accompanied by much lively debate. It takes a brave woman to volunteer to supervise this animated group, but Sanju is confident she is up to the job. Although comparatively new, she earned the trust of the group, even some of the older members who resisted her authority at first.

Sanju has a talent for getting along and getting ahead. When conflict arose in the home she and her husband shared with his family, she convinced him to relocate, all the while maintaining close ties with all her in-laws.

Working as Arpan supervisor is challenging yet fulfilling. "I manage my family money but I had never been to a bank before." She is conscientious about keeping the accounts and maintaining the group's production records. "The whole group depends on me," she realizes, determined not to let them down. "I enjoy my work at Arpan. I also enjoy having the extra money to buy things I want for myself and my family."

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