Meet Sarita Singh

April 19, 2021
Meet Sarita Singh

Sarita Singh and her daughter Kavita - Embroidery Artisan, EKTA Co-operative

"Any work can earn you money, but the experience and learning I got at MarketPlace are priceless," asserts Sarita. "My father was anxious to marry me and my sisters off as soon as possible, so I was married at 15 and a mother at 17." When she started at Ekta Co-operative she was happy to learn about the mission and social programs and felt hopeful that her life would change.

Now Sarita is optimistic about the future of her 3 daughters. "I want my daughters to achieve all that they set out for. I have learned from the mistakes my parents made." She convinced her husband that their daughters should attend college. "My husband and in-laws respect me because I am confident. I have even helped my father-inlaw with his bookkeeping and other forms."

Her eldest daughter Kavita is 20 and in the final year for her Bachelor's Degree in Business. In addition to her studies, Kavita has a part-time job with the government department that provides loans for the unemployed. "I went around my community to inform people of this program and help them apply." As her mother says, "The confidence I have gained through MarketPlace I have passed down to my daughters. I feel proud."

Sarita Singh with her daughter Kavita

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