Meet Sujata Ambre

October 28, 2020
Meet Sujata Ambre

"I will continue working as my health allows and I'm thankful that I have something to look forward to."

Sujata Ambre - WARE Collective Since 1998

It was a job she did not want. Twelve years ago, when Sujata was asked to become the supervisor at WARE Collective, she turned it down. The group's atmosphere at the time was competitive and contentious. Eventually Sujata was persuaded to take on the role - just for a month - to see how it went. That month has turned into 12 years.

She brings a combination of talents to the position. Her organizational skills keep the collective running smoothly, and she sets a good example with her hard work and dedication. In addition to the work, she encourages the women to take advantage of the various social programs.

Sujata has been involved with MarketPlace for over 22 years, since she was a young mother with small children and an out-of-work husband. Although, unlike many artisans, she had studied until 12th grade, jobs were hard to come by and posed many difficulties. At WARE she learned skills, and became an enthusiastic participant in the different programs offered to the women and their children. "The children learned so many new things there."

Lately her son has been suggesting that it's time for Sujata to retire. Her children have good jobs, thanks to Sujata's insistence that they get a good education, and could take care of her. Sujata was debating whether to continue working when the lockdown intervened. Staying at home unable to work has made her realize how much she enjoys her work and having purpose. And how much she misses her "other family" at WARE. "I will continue working as my health allows and I am thankful that I have something to look forward to."

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