Meet Suman Mali

February 17, 2019
Meet Suman Mali

"I have learned so many things after joining the group."

Embroidery Artisan at Ranphul Mahila Mandal Co-operative .

Suman Mali was thrilled when she learned she should join the new co-operative Ranphul Mahila Mandal even though she did not have much education. She loved the idea of joining the group to learn embroidery and earn money. Her earnings as a house cleaner plus her husband's pay as a welder barely covered the family's basic needs. Additional income allowed for her to install a toilet in her house. The walk to the public toilets was difficult and dangerous and she worried about her daughter's safety. Along with the other artisans at Ranphul, Suman saves every month, a practice which gives her "a lot of satisfaction, security and independence."

Suman enjoys going to the workshop to do her embroidery, socialize with the other women and join in activities such as yoga sessions. "I have learned so many things after joining the group. I had never seen Mumbai and now I can travel there on my own." From the Armaan Club's meetings for parents she learned about the importance of spending quality time with her children, son Bhupesh (10) and daughter Rohini (8). "I have developed a relationship with them which makes me very happy."

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