More Than Just A Workplace

May 20th, 2024
More Than Just A Workplace

HOW CO-OPS ARE CHANGING LIVES: MarketPlace's mission is to improve the lives of low-income women in India, but offering dignified employment is just one aspect of our work. Equally consequential are the programs and training we provide on topics selected by the women themselves. These include classes on business skills, financial literacy, current events, self-development, health programs, gender equality workshops and emotional health sessions, to name a few. In addition, programs for their children comprise academic strategies, life skills, and career preparation.

 Vasundhara Humane

"I am learning new things every day, there are many things I need to improve on, but I am confident that I can get there. Apart from work I always really enjoy the company of the other women and the social programs because it allows us to be engaged in something different from our normal routine." Vasundhara Humane - Nichshay Cooperative

 Sunita Gorad

"I feel happy in my new manager position. I know that it is not only managing the production and making sure the quality is good, it is building the bonds in the group. Since we are all women in the group, everyone feels safe to express themselves For now, I just want to focus on strengthening the bonds we have and then build on it." Sunita Gorad - Aakasa Cooperative

Dipika Surti(Center: Dipika Surti)

"I enjoy the social engagements. As a leader for the social programs, I always encourage everyone to speak at meetings. When everyone shares their views, we learn from each other and our knowledge increases." Dipika Surti - WARE Collective

 Sunita Gorad

"As I started working and became a part of MarketPlace I was exposed to so many new things. I learned a lot through my work and the various sessions and workshops we attend. My work also allows me to be independent and to travel. And to top it all, I am financially independent and take my own decisions. Whenever I am given a new task or asked to participate in any event, I look at it as an opportunity to learn something new." Anita Sakpal - Ekta Cooperative

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