Building Independence

October 28, 2019
Building Independence

When the artisans were determining "values to live by" Independence was a popular choice. No surprise that it made the final five!

Independence and freedom are intertwined. The artisans' independence is curtailed by lack of resources and education, restrictive cultural norms, and limited legal rights.

MarketPlace helps change that. The women broke all sorts of rules and roles and along the way we have held many discussions, examining concepts such as power, authority, decision-making, rights and respect. Through this work the women have expanded their horizons and embraced opportunities to be independent.

They use their money to make their lives a little easier, use what they learn to improve their relationships with family and community and dare to dream and have ambitions. As independent women they have found the freedom to take charge of their own lives!

Nasreen Shaikh - 25yrs with Nirmaan Collective
"Earning and supporting the needs of my family especially medical needs of my father makes me feel capable and independent."

Ramila Solanki - 26yrs with Nirmaan Collective
"I have come a long way from one room in a rented house to having my own house. Today, I am a content and independent women."

Seema Varma - 13yrs with Sahara Collective
"I have supported my family when my husband was not working and educated my children in English medium schools."

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striking prints
Jan 15, 2020
By Kathie Brobeck
I really like the print the top woman is working on. I like colorful fabrics and have bought many many items from you over the years. Nice to see green come in about 10 years ago. They last and last. I have some nearly 30 years old!

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