Meet Mehmoda Qureshi

June 02, 2019
Meet Mehmoda Qureshi

"I particularly enjoy seeing how a garment can be transformed by my addition of embroidery."

Mehmoda Qureshi An Embroidery Artisan at Nirmaan Collective.

Forging her Family's Future: Mehmoda looks back over the past 25 years with great satisfaction. "When I started doing embroidery my husband did not have regular work and I made every sacrifice to send my children to school," she recalls. "My daughters are both high school graduates and now my son has settled down with a job." One daughter does clerical work and the other runs training classes in Mendhi (henna) painting. "Both of them are strong women and determined that they will marry men of their choice." Mehmoda's husband now has a steady job and their new home in the slum development program is on the 4th floor with in-door plumbing.

Creative Development: Aside from her success in providing a good home and education for her children, Mehmoda has another major source of happiness. "I have learned so much in my work. Before I came to work at the cooperative, I would not have believed I had the talent to design embroidery," she admitted. Now, as part of the design workshop she is challenged to create original designs. She particularly enjoys seeing how a garment can be transformed by her addition of embroidery.

MarketPlace intentionally identifies those with creative talent, respecting and encouraging their abilities. Recently she was one of 5 embroidery artisans who traveled to Kutch for training. Kutch is famous for its fine work, and Mehmoda was inspired to continue to improve her craft as she designs.

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