Chindi Necklace

November 17, 2018
Chindi Necklace

India has a long tradition of recycling used fabrics. Old saris and lungis are sewn together into quilts or cut and combined to produce patchwork pieces for decorations or clothing. MarketPlace continues this tradition by upcycling our beautiful fabric scraps, called "chindi." By one industry estimate, 15% of the fabric used for clothing ends up on the cutting room floor. After that, it usually goes to landfills or is burned. Instead of this, we use larger pieces in patchwork and trim. The really small pieces are made into jewelry. Being environmentally responsible can be beautiful.

Take a look at how they are made below.

There are many components that go into the necklace, all requiring skill and dexterity. For example, to make one of the small balls, the artisan has to wrap one small chindi around a center of even smaller chindis.

As you can see it is exact and time-consuming work, which generates employment for the artisans.

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