Hand Painting and Block Printing

May 04, 2018
Hand Painting and Block Printing

India has a very long tradition of printing with hand-carved wooden blocks. While we love this technique and use it often, we also have created some amazing effects with artistic innovations. Hand painting, for example, makes bold free-form patterns on fabric.

Underside of hand-carved wooden block and printing of leaf design

In this case, the artisan is using a non-traditional tool - a scrubbing brush - to create a unique line, broad but still delicate.

Artisan using a scrub brush to create a unique painted line on fabric.

The stripes are done on the diagonal, a tricky placement which require the skill and eye of the experienced artisan to maintain continuity and placement. This lattice design then becomes the background for a more traditional hand-printed leaf design.

Artisan using scrub brush and paint to create a diagonal checkered pattern on cloth.

When the fabric is washed, the colors are transformed into the fabric shown at the bottom, a happy combination of tradition and innovation.

Artisan using hand-carved block with leaf design to overlay a pattern on fabric.

Read more about hand block printing and see our artisans in action!

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