New Year Resolutions

January 06, 2020
New Year Resolutions

Like people all over the world, the artisans in India took a few minutes to come up with their own New Year's Resolutions. Wanting to start the new year - and the new decade - off right, they reflected on their lives and came up with some specific goals and hopes.

Their resolutions reflect their desire to be strong, plan better, save for a better life and take time for themselves. Looking at these resolutions, one can see echoes of the dreams of women everywhere.

Deepika Surti - WARE Collective

Mangalsutra is a wedding necklace
Sabarmati Prajapati - WARE Collective

Kavita Pilane - Jivdani Co-operative

Sudha Shukla - Sahara Collective

Shanti Gudiya - Jivdani Co-operative

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