What I've Taught My Children So Far...

December 19, 2016
What I've Taught My Children So Far...

Inspiring the next generation of children is a big part of our mission and very important to the women of MarketPlace. We asked some of the artisans to share the most important thing they have taught their children so far.

Hira from Arpan has shared some budgeting tips with her sons to make sure they know how to run their own households someday. Great lesson, Hira!

Laxmi from Sahara has passed on the value of work over looks to her daughter!

Pramila from Arpan has taught her son that even the men of the family can do some work around the house.

Like all of the women of MarketPlace, Bharti from Nirmaan takes pride in passing on valuable life lessons to her children. She shared that honesty should be a priority in everything that you do. Great advice, Bharti!

Sujata from WARE wraps up our lessons for the next generation series by sharing that a teaching her son the value of time has helped him to always arrive on time. Great work, Sujata!

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